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Rural Mexico Gets HughesNet Service

For years, many internet systems have worked with the U.S. government to help poor families obtain broadband. HughesNet is now going further. It has begun work on a broadband system for rural Mexico.

Working with several other parties, Hughes is bringing satellite connections to thousands of rural locations. Other participants include GlobalSat, EutelSat, StarGroup, and Apconet/Aitelecom. All are working with HughesNet’s Jupiter system.

The Benefit for Rural Mexico

More than 9000 sites, including schools, community centers, and medical clinics, will get the broadband service. HughesNet will participate in 7200 of the projects.

The program is meant to reach ‘underserved’ communities. The U N defines ‘underserved’.

StarGroup, long a HughesNet partner in the region, will transmit Ka band signals from the Hughes Jupiter fleet. Its purpose will be to provide free or discounted access to homes and some small businesses.

Each cell will support download speeds of up to 12 megabits per second (MB/S), and upload speeds of up to 3 MB/S. By comparison, the regular Hughes service in Mexico delivers 25 MB/S for downloads and 3 MB/S for uploads.

To prepare for full operation, Hughes plans to launch a next-generation Jupiter-3 satellite early in 2023. The new bird will provide more than 500 gigabits per second (GB/S) of capacity. This will make a huge difference. Some areas it’s meant to serve have never had any broadband service.

Benefits of HughesNet Broadband

Here in the U S of A, HughesNet has been a premier provider of broadband service for decades. All of its U S service tiers provide download speeds of up to 25 MB/S.

HughesNet works well where many other internet services don’t work at all. It may be ideal for suburban and rural areas, where cable and fiber networks don’t exist. HughesNet is available everywhere in the continental U.S. All you need is a clear line of site to the southern sky.

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Mexican Homes and Businesses Get HughesNet Service

Imagine you own a small grocery store outside of Morelia, Mexico. As more and more of your customers obtain debit or credit cards, you realize you need ability to process their payments. The future of your business depends on it. But what can you do? In most Mexican exurban and rural areas, broadband internet service is scarce. Few providers are willing to extend their cable or fiber lines to outlying areas.

This is a common obstacle. As appealing as life in Mexico may be for some, it can bring severe deprivations. One is lack of high-speed internet service- especially in small towns and rural areas. Mexican internet penetration is only 14% in rural areas, compared to 86% in major urban centers.

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For this reason, HughesNet’s presence in our southern neighbor meets a critical need for the Mexican people. Since the satellite internet system began operating in Mexico, about 95% of its population have access to fast internet service. And it doesn’t matter matter where they work or live, since HughesNet doesn’t need cable or fiber lines.

Mexico is the sixth Latin American country to obtain HughesNet service. The first five are: Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru.

How does satellite internet solve the problem?

HughesNet delivers download speeds of 25 megabits per second (MB/S). Upload speeds are usually 3 MB/S. The service includes free WiFi, and subscribers who need customer care can get it 24 hours per day.

HughesNet has offered commercial enterprise services in Mexico for several years. In this enterprise market, the company works with StarGroup.

What can HughesNet do for Americans?

Exurban and rural areas in the U.S.A. suffer the same lack of wireline internet service that outlying areas in Mexico do. For Americans in this situation, HughesNet is the solution. With 25 MB/S downloads, HughesNet is true broadband.

In the U.S., HughesNet was the first satellite internet system. Decades later, it remains the provider of choice for homes and businesses without access to wireline internet. So far, the company has shipped more than 7 million terminals in more than 100 countries, and it covers about half the entire world market for satellite internet.

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